EQUINE RESOURCE & SUPPORT GROUP Since moving to our Farm I have been actively pursuing my interest in horsemanship, management and riding. I have become very interested in the different ways people absorb learning and the resources we often need to find within ourselves in order to create good partnerships with our horses and, not least, with people.

Besides the excellent clinicians that come to us, it is my experience that everyone has something to offer and contribute to the world of horses. I am privileged to know a growing assortment of people who love, work with and/ or own horses and via their own life experiences support a broad spectrum of skills and interests. Since no one person can become a specialist in all fields forming a group would be a beneficial and fun way to expand learning and experience.

This collective resource could be very usefully shared with anyone who would like to learn more about interacting with horses. There is so much to learn about these days in pursuit of building a wonderful partnership with our horses, their well-being, care, and also very importantly, our own personal development, our Mind – Body – Spirit Connection with ourselves and our horses. 

Resources for Horses is about sharing, experiencing and learning as each of us journey along our own unique pathway. As the group grows we anticipate being able to highlight the work of various complementary and alternative therapies and practices, to learn more about Veterinary breakthroughs, studies and developments: to discuss and practically share our management and training interests, methods and spiritual applications to our relationships with our horses. The philosophy of the group is one of support, the advancement of knowledge, experience and confidence. Everyone will bring something of value to the group so please do come and enjoy yourself for a wonderful day of information, activity friendship and humour. 

We aim to meet monthly with a break during the Christmas/New Year period . People are welcome to bring their horses by arrangement. If you are interested in coming along to participate in an exciting day please contact us.

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