My Stable Routine

I’m going to talk about my daily routine, I normally have 2 routines, morning and evening. So let’s get started with the morning routine. My morning routine starts at 6:30 a.m., that’s when my alarm goes off and as soon as I wake up and walk up to the horse, cuddle her, and the next thing I do is get her breakfast. I go into the feed room and make her breakfast in the feed bin. And this point, I normally add her medication she is sick.

After giving her breakfast, then it’s time for me to have my breakfast, once she finishes her breakfast and I’ve had my breakfast too, then its time to go back to the stable to clean up the, so when cleaning the stable, the first thing I like to do is pick up all of the little poos using a shaving fork because it’s great as not removing all of the fresh shavings, I put all the poos in a bucket and empty it. After removing all the poos, I always make her bed as clean and comfortable as possible for her. To clean her I use Equeenex horse grooming kit

Now it’s time to practice riding and showjumping. At this point I go to my tack room and change to my breech, then I take off her rug and start grooming her, and I feel like every single time I groom her, she always has so many shavings in her tail, so I do spend quite a while just getting all of the knots and shavings out the tail. Once I finished grooming her then time to tack her up. Once she’s tacked up then it’s time to go for a ride.

On a normal day, I practice 1 to 2 hours, then that’s all for the morning, Ill then allow her into the field to graze the whole day. Then I go to take a shower and that’s all for the morning routine. My evening routine usually starts around 6 pm, and the first thing I do is to walk to the stables, get the water bucket from the night before and clean it, well, this is the part I hate most, it’s pretty disgusting. Once I’ve done that then I serve her fresh water and hay for dinner, sweep the stable, and then lead her to the stable. After all that then its time for me to go take a shower, have my dinner, and sleep. So guys that is my stable routine.

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