The Path of the Horse

I obtained a copy of the DVD documentary ‘The Path of the Horse’.
It has been added to my growing collection of film material which I will be sharing with people who attend the ‘Resources for Horses’  group which will be starting up in April 2009.

My opinion is that all horse enthusiasts would be glad to view it. Those taking part in the film represent a growing number of ‘students of the horse’, and teachers, dedicated to bringing positive and thought – provoking changes to the world of horsemanship and personal growth. This collective effort can only be described as one of the most notable ‘sharings’ so far offered to people and horses on a global scale.

to purchase the DVD see:-

“The Path of the Horse documentary DVD is one woman’s journey (Stormy May) to discover something valuable that had been lost. Where had the majesty and freedom of horses gone? Where had that connection she had with horses as a child gone?”

The Path of the Horse Teleseminar Series has formed as a result of the DVD. Over the year those who contributed to the documentary will be interviewed. Plans are to increase the number of teachers to participate in the interviews which would be very interesting.

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